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get-ctrl is in my opinion, the hottest, free tool for unsigned bands at the moment. A one stop shop where an artist can build a professional-looking, official website using a simple content editor complete with media players, galleries, news feeds and a gig calender. A bit like MySpace you’re probably thinking but get-ctrl have really gone the extra mile with this service without feeling the need to ruin your bands all important public image by cluttering your page with cumbersome adverts.

This music platform is also offering you the ability to simply make both iPhone and Facebook apps as well as maintain a digital and soon to be physical store (12% commissions)  along with mailing lists. Oh and not to forget the real-time statistics get-ctrl is supplying on their services, possibly the most entertaining and dangerously addictive invention of recent times. Also, get-ctrl make it possible and actively encourage you to attach a private domain name to your site with a simple tool in the settings section giving your band’s web presence that added edge.

get-ctrl has been produced by a wide array of people who’ve been making band websites for 10 years; they know exactly what you want in a service like this. And don’t forget, all of this is free, get-ctrl’s business model is based around a relatively low 12% commission on the online stores they provide to you so they only make money when you do.

Still not convinced? Check out the new official website of the IMF regulars Reachback. And have a listen to their new single ‘No One Else’ while your at it.

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Erland - Dave MahlerDave Mahler has created this music, this video and now this website. That’s a lot of cliché ‘this’ hyperlinks but I guess that’s what happens when one person does so much. Oh, and the IMF logo and the portrait opposite, yeah, a lot.

He’s editing a new music video for the Norwegian band Children and Corpse at the moment. You can see a still from it on his blog and I’ll post the video here on IMF when it’s finished.

In the meantime, you can check out his website, a culmination of his illustration, animation and photography. The portraits section is definitely a must-see with his unique style of crosshatched texta shading.


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Tailcast is a community for artists, writers and musicians to connect and collaborate with other artists and creative consumers.



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dailybooth“Over time, your face changes. Your face shows emotion, your face shows age, your face shows thought your face shows everything. Capture these little daily moments in a frame, day by day. See and share your evolution, your emotions, your thoughts.”

I’ve been using DailyBooth for almost two months now. It’s a tightly knit online community and one of the friendliest I’ve known. DailyBooth was fully launched on 13/02/09 and it still only has a couple of thousand users. The idea of the site is that you take a picture of yourself using your webcam/upload from camera each day and create a backlog. It’s format is fairly similar to twitter in that users can follow one another and then comment on each others daily photos with text or other pictures. DailyBooth is probably my favourite website and it’s well worth looking into it if you aren’t a part of it already.


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muxtape1Muxtape is a platform for new music. At the moment, it’s still in it’s beta stage only playing their favourite artists. In the coming weeks, it’s set to begin supporting other bands who chose to sign up. The minimalist approach of Muxtape makes it look promising as a future tool for up-and-coming bands. “Muxtape strives for simplicity and believes that music needs a clean, unobtrusive context.” This means no forced advertising on artists pages and muxtape will allow the bands to sell downloads and tickets through the service.  Muxtape are set to grow and are planning to use an API to allow artists to expand the platform. Watch this space.