The Skints – Ratatat (Music Video) – Part & Parcel

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Taken from their upcoming album Part & Parcel, Ratatat is a blinding track accompanied by a masterfully shot, black and white video. The Skints seamlessly blend ska, spoken word, rock and dub to create a tight infusion that’ll blow you away.

The Skints new album Part & Parcel has been funded through a pledge scheme in which it has already raised 155% of the required amount. It’s set for release on the 12th of March 2012 and signed copies are still available to pre-order on for just £8.99. It’s also well worth checking out their first album ‘Live, Breath, Build, Believe’ which has been on repeat on my iPod for the past month.

Cupid on Dylan – Joshua Idehen & dan le sac

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This track was a collaboration between the spoken word artist Joshua Idehen, now of Benin City and dan le sac, better known for his part in the duo that is dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip. Cupid on Dylan is essentially a monologue on behalf of the Roman god of love Cupid although it spins a more interesting, alternative character than is usually told. The poem is lain over a remix by dan le sac of Dylan’s The Times Are a-Changing. It doesn’t really kick in properly until the 1:30 mark but it’s an amazing track nevertheless.

Cupid on Dylan – Joshua Idehen & dan le sac

“That day, my good friend venus quit, moved planet. These days she’s so bitter the skies in her eyes are sulphuric.”

Mars Argo – Technology is a Dead Bird

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Mars ArgoI’d been frequenting their muxtape page almost daily for my fix but it’s finally here, Mars Argo’s debut album. Officially released on November 6th, ‘Technology is a Dead Bird’ is being sold online in the same way as Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’. The listener is given the opportunity to pay whatever amount they deem fit whether this be $10 or $100.

A ten track masterpiece, Technology is a Dead Bird is an album in its finest form. Two of these tracks could be considered interludes but they really make the album a fluid listening experience.

Technology is a Dead Bird is a subtly haunting work. The unnerving ‘Fitter Happier’ style monologues add to the overall feeling of this album; a somewhat apocalyptic undertone of the quietus of the human mind.

“My life is an integrated circuit, I’m inside of my human body but I don’t feel it yet. We all thought 2012 would be so much more dramatic, something religious or sacred. Things were more laughable back then, back when I was a text message. We’re going to be plugging in our brains soon, and nothing will stop the human race from racing. We’ll all be inside containers chasing, anything they put in front of us with a pretty logo on it. It’s the internet, it exists and people are not going insane.” The Singularity is Near

<a href="">The Singularity is Near by Mars Argo</a>

Have a listen for yourself though, Technology is a Dead Bird is available to download in a range of formats including mp3 and flac from Mars Argo’s bandcamp site. You can name your own price though (minimum $10)

1. The Singularity is Near
2. Suicide Birds
3. Mrs. Stadler
4. Machine
5. Monsters Under My Bed
6. Technology is a Dead Bird
7. Sideways and Sideways
8. You Don’t Know Me Anymore
9. Feeling Welcome in a Time Warp
10. Tired Today

Jamie T – Sticks and Stones EP

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Sticks n StonesJamie T’s new EP, ‘Sticks n Stones’ was released officially on Monday. He’s a great artist with his lyrics offering a great social commentary of working class life.

So Lonely Was The Ballad – Jamie T

‘Sticks n Stones’, the title track is definitely a title track in the sense that it is easily the best on there but the others are worth a listen. ‘St Christopher’ and ‘On The Green’ are more acoustic in nature.

I’m still not to sure about ‘Dance of the Young Professionals’ though, fuck knows what he was thinking with that, Ukraine’s 2007 Eurovision entry anyone?

Jamie T is releasing his second  album ‘Kings and Queen’s’ “late this summer”, well according to wikipedia (I’m a professional).

Sticks n Stones – Jamie T

St Christopher – Jamie T

On The Green – Jamie T

The Dance Of The Young Professionals – Jamie T

Dustbin Diaries – Inua Ellams

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This is another poem from Inua Ellam’s book ‘Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales’ The book is available from Amazon here for £4.


Dustbin Diaries -Inua Ellams

upon a time,
a young man gleaned
from an archaic continent creamed
in the light fantastic;
from the borders of history baked
before an African sun
came to this kingdom
of Babylon.

This kingdom became his home.
And as time turned its page
suit followed his age –
this now withered warrior
is whom I see before me.
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