Kool A.D. – Dum Diary (Video + MP3 Instructions)

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Pretty old news by now seeing as it was first uploaded well over a year ago but this track/video/rap/monologue by Kool A.D. (formerly of Das Racist fame) deserves some serious appreciation. Unbelievably it currently has just 42,000 views on Youtube meaning that most Kool A.D. and Das Racist fans haven’t even heard it yet.

Why have I waited till now to post it? Well like lots of other Kool A.D. fans, I was quite dismayed that this nigh-on 10 minute freestyle wasn’t included in either the 51, 63 or 19 mixtapes nor released as a stand alone track. I’ve spent the best part of a year occasionally scanning the net for an mp3 of reasonable quality when suddenly it popped up on the popular music streaming service Grooveshark. You didn’t hear it from me but there is a piece of software you’ll find with a bit of Googling that works on both Windows and Mac that downloads mp3s from Grooveshark and will allow you to keep this track at the relatively glorious bitrate of 192kbps. Enjoy.

Found a way to get 320kbps or better? Please leave details in the comments.

O-Zi – Rus Li (Free Download)

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Last Friday saw the release of O-Zi’s debut solo EP, ‘Rus Li’, an eight track collection that features some extraordinary album artwork by Vivian Ho. Rus Li opens with ‘Intro – Million Man’, a track that seems to go at a million miles an hour before slowing down to create a more lucid listing experience more reminiscent of his earlier work with Blue Belt, a Brooklyn based indie hip hop collective of which O-Zi was the founding member.

Rus Li is generously offered as a free download at 320kbps through the Blue Belt bandcamp page. You’ll also find a full 15 track self titled Blue Belt album there as a free download that was released last summer.

The Skints – Ratatat (Music Video) – Part & Parcel

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Taken from their upcoming album Part & Parcel, Ratatat is a blinding track accompanied by a masterfully shot, black and white video. The Skints seamlessly blend ska, spoken word, rock and dub to create a tight infusion that’ll blow you away.

The Skints new album Part & Parcel has been funded through a pledge scheme in which it has already raised 155% of the required amount. It’s set for release on the 12th of March 2012 and signed copies are still available to pre-order on Play.com for just £8.99. It’s also well worth checking out their first album ‘Live, Breath, Build, Believe’ which has been on repeat on my iPod for the past month.