imagineIAM EP

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A revisit from imagineIAM who we featured briefly back in 2009, Chad Faulk is back with a 5 track EP accompanied by his band as they reinterpret his unique, manic percussive solo style. There’s a fascinating blend of styles in this EP as Chad’s self taught approach to percussion and composing met with Carolyn Scalfano’s classical pianist background who helped carry his unclassifiable personal style to its full potential in a 5 piece band. The song Exacto Kiss is back from his earlier release Merry Go Round in a reformatted full band version with even more drive and intensity than before.

The 5 track imagineIAM EP can be purchased through bandcamp for a minimum of $5 in FLAC or MP3 320kbps (get the FLAC). You can also listen to some of the earlier imagineIAM solo tracks here.

imagineIAM EP

Bad Chad & The Good Girls

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BCTGGBad Chad & The Good Girls are a pop crunk outfit from Louisiana. They have a delightfully chaotic sound with some  dub/grime traits. The man behind this act, Chad Faulk, is also a part of imagineIAM and We Cajun. Also in Bad Chad &  The Good Girls are obviously the two good girls Moontea on vocals and drums and Carrie 2 Shoes on keyboard/synth and DJing.

They’ve so far released a 10 track demo available here on iTunes and Amazon. It sounds very well put together for a demo and could be considered a proper album by most standards.

Contact for booking/management/label questions.


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imagineIAMimagineIAM is from Louisiana and is one of the most interesting artists I’ve come across (thanks Scott) He’s currently working with Hand On The Plow and released his debut single in January which is available on iTunes. 

imagineIAM’s style mixes unusual vocals and percussive samples into an intricate and precise rhythm. There’s a lot of passion thrown into the mix and I’m expecting to see more from this artist.


Guardians Of The Patty Cake Makers – imagineIAM

Here’s his interpretation of his sound…
“My music enters this dimension pretty much smack-dab in the the middle of all music ’styles’, since it is so exact in its presence, and it simply comes to me just as definite as the sun simply shines… I throw in some extras to make it more sassy, crunk, ridiculous, holy’n’profane, sacred and shut up… with ninja blood sparkling deep electric it dares and blooms forth beyond the known edge creating a new world celebration… unconquerablly creative and classy…”