V&V (Issue #2)

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From Vinyl and Vodka:

“We have finally finished the 2nd issue of Vinyl and Vodka Magazine. I’m so happy because the 2 months seemed like forever! I didn’t get much sleep at all and finishing the magazine in time was always on my mind. I intended to get the issue out by the beginning of February before Valentines day (if you click through the magazine you’ll see why) but that didn’t happen, so oh well.

This issue features an interview with HEALTH and articles like The Internet and its Effect on the Music Industry, along with reviews of Tim Burton’s art gallery at MOMA. We also featured 500 Days of Summer and A Single Man. 5 bloggers (We All Want Someone, The Culture Of Me, Pigeons and Planes, We Listen For You, Both Eyes Closed) also participated in creating a cool feature.

There are 2 editorials that are in this issue, and thank you SO SO SO SO much to Shaun Scade from Scade Photography for fighting the cold and dealing with us for two days straight, shooting our models.

P.S. Be sure to download the Vodkast here and stream it while you’re reading the magazine because it will make the experience so much better!”

V&V (Issue #1) – New Online Magazine

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The first issue of the Vinyl and Vodka Magazine is available. At the moment, it is thought the magazine will become a bi-monthly affair. V&V takes a minimalist approach in design to deliver an eclectic blend of music, fashion and culture in reviews, interviews, features and photography. The result is a fresh, new publication; full of content and yet completely uncluttered.

Issue #1 can be read below (click for full screen) and advertising space is currently available for Issue #2. Visit the Vinyl and Vodka blog for more information.

Deadmau5 – For Lack Of A Better Name

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deadmau5Deadmau5, his name may conjure up images of a lifeless rodent, but this Canadian born self confessed techno geek punches like a Heavyweight. Having had a meteoric rise, he has gone from near obscurity to becoming one of the most in demand producers on the face of the planet and an innovative electronic live performer.

He performs using music production software, Ableton, and controls this with a Lemur. No not the animal but a futuristic music controller. And of course, not forgetting the giant tailor made Mau5head.

Deadmau5’s has a new compilation album, For Lack Of A Better Name, this isn’t his Artist album, this is more a collection of random works that he’s produced individually. A few have been out previously, but there are some new surprises in there as well. The tracks are segued together, so in a way reflect his current live show. 2009 sees Deadmau5 continuing to break boundaries in the music world. The concept of his live show reflects the changing face of dance music.

Released 5th October 2009.

By Sophie Stratford

Son Of Dave

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Son Of DaveSon of Dave is a one man hip hop/blues band. It’s the solo project of Crash Test Dummy’s Benjamin Darvill.

He released the first album ‘B. Darvill’s Wild West Show’ in 1999 and then albums called ’01’, ’02’ and ’03’.

It’s a really good sound mixing harmonica, beat boxing and foot stomping and using tape loops to do it all on his own live. You can listen to 01, 02 and 03 on Spotify.

Below, Son of Dave’s cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”