Wolfmother – White Feather

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Wolfmother are back and definitely on form. Single ‘White Feather’ is the band’s latest anthem and one of the highlights from latest album Cosmic Egg. With its bluesy lead licks, AC/DC-esque thump and stadium sized chorus, expect it to be sung with a force.

The song combines stylishly shimmying vocal hooks and screechy guitars; hitching and awkwardly-shaped riffs; with lead vocalist Andrew James Stockdale’s impossibly cool, indie-rock drawl.

Out now.

By Sophie Stratford

Rapskallion’s Laneway Extraordinaire

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I chanced upon Rapskallion this morning in one of Melbourne’s laneways and I was drawn in instantly. They gave a five person performance of mandolin, melodica, megaphone; double bass, violin and accordion times two as well as a whimsical array of percussive utensils and surfaces; the seemingly preferred of which being the face of Harry Connick Jr on nearby posters that littered their cave.

A modern take on the Parisian-Gypsy sound of the early 20th century, they sing tales of Brunswick (the bohemian enclave of Melbourne’s suburbs) with the improvised charm of a true street performance and enough character to fill a Dickens novel.

Never Turn Your Back On Tha Sea – Rapskallion

I made a purchase of their album ‘One Up For The Little Man’, an enthralling 11 track piece. You can visit their myspace here or get the album from iTunes.

One thing I can say for definite is that the busking in Melbourne is better. The lighting and acoustics of the London Underground don’t do anyone any justice.

By Charlie O’Shea

IMF Down Under

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So as you might have noticed from recent tweets, I’ve just moved to Melbourne. This explains the recent neglect of this blog but I’ve found a place to stay so I’ll be able to start writing again. I’m writing this right now from a maccas, they have sparrows.

Hopefully I’ll be featuring more Melbourne/Australian bands from now on. Sophie Stratford is still back in England and will still be doing her thing so I suppose we now have a bi-hemispherical blog. Awesome. Bye.

Autumn Gray – The Diary of a Falling Man

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Autumn Gray

Autumn Gray formed in 2005 and released an E.P ‘As of Now, No Guarantees for Later’ shortly after. Based in Melbourne, they’ve been gigging in the surrounding area ever since.

The band are getting ready to release their debut album ‘The Diary of a Falling Man’ and are giving away three free tracks from it via their website if you promise to share them around to everyone else.

They’ve been working on ‘The Diary of a Falling Man’ for two years now and have kept the recording process truly independent with no budget, building the recording studio in a ramshackle sharehouse and commandeering a Steinway piano for a guerilla recording session.

Diary of a Falling Man Pt 1 – Autumn Gray


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Erland - Dave MahlerDave Mahler has created this music, this video and now this website. That’s a lot of cliché ‘this’ hyperlinks but I guess that’s what happens when one person does so much. Oh, and the IMF logo and the portrait opposite, yeah, a lot.

He’s editing a new music video for the Norwegian band Children and Corpse at the moment. You can see a still from it on his blog and I’ll post the video here on IMF when it’s finished.

In the meantime, you can check out his website, a culmination of his illustration, animation and photography. The portraits section is definitely a must-see with his unique style of crosshatched texta shading.