Heinali and Matt Finney – Lemonade EP

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Lemonade is the 2nd collaborative effort from Ukranian composer Heinali and American poet Matt Finney (of Finneyerkes). Matt is a word artist from Millbrook, Alabama and makes his music with the help of composer Heinali.

On first listen Lemonade is a dark, mysterious 6 tracked fully unique creation. From the first song ‘A Beginning’, Heinali and Matt Finney take us through an emotional journey where Matt paints a picture in our mind with his words that represent deep meaning. Matts voice moulds well to the backing tunes, which generally remind you of outer space with someone talking through a phone. Throughout the tracks there are hints of influence from Brand New and Bright Eyes, and the lyrics are really thought provoking especially in track Lemonade. This style of music is very new and unique and breathes a breath of fresh air into the indie music scene. At the end of the day they’re just two good, broke friends who live on opposite sides of the world trying to make music that they love and hopefully other people will like as well.

It is available for free download and you can also purchase the album with bonus material by naming your own price. (a couple of extra songs and a book Matt wrote)

By Sophie Stratford

Pearl & The Puppets – Make Me Smile

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Pearl AKA Katie Sutherland and her band the Puppets, have been receiving a steady stream of attention over the last year after winning the Scottish Sun’s New Band award. Their debut LP was well received and performances at the likes of T in the Park and Secret Garden Party are confirmed for this summer along with a support slot with Elton John.

Make Me Smile is a feel good summery pop song that has a breezy melody and a catchy chorus which is infectious. It is the perfect feel good tune and is perfect for making people get their dancing shoes on at the summer festivals.

Released 19th July 2010

By Sophie Stratford

Mitchell Museum – The Peters Port Memorial Service

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Mitchell Museum are Scotland’s most exciting new band. They splash the more instantaneous moments of Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse and Animal Collective onto a technicolor canvas, and capped by a healthy dose of edge and hyperactivity.

The album’s title derives from the town on the Isle of Benebecula in Scotland where vocalist Cammy MacFarlane was shipped out to live as a kid by his parents, where he was treated for “losing his mind”. Although close friends, he and his brother Raindeer (drums and vocals) count those lost years as monumental in bonding their relationship, and the band has become an extension of that bond.

Single Warning Bells is a frenzied klaxon call of an introduction into MM. Take The Tongue Out and Tiger Heartbeat are sizzling sunshine pop songs, with their own distinct British twist of lyricism, which is present throughout the whole record. This debut album is the perfect summer soundtrack.

Released 12th July 2010

By Sophie Stratford

Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT – Cute Souvenirs EP

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Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT are known for their personal and unpretentious songwriting, satiating performances, and acclaimed musician assembly. They are a unique mix of dusty-folk indie pop, brimming with raw spirit. Lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Paul gathered expert Minneapolis musicians, including his own father on guitar and mandolin, and acclaimed drummer Steve Goold. The band was initially a one-time project, however the band emerged as a vehicle for Ryan Paul’s sincere songwriting – a genre bending brand of Americana rooted in Paul’s personal struggles and story.

One year since the release of their first record, the five some release Cute Souvenirs, a digital EP recorded in just one ten-hour session. The EP exhibits an impressive development in craftsmanship, as well as a much darker character that has acquired comparisons of such opposing artists; The Cure, The Smiths and Arcade Fire.

Released 10th June 2010.

Photograph by Elli Rader

By Sophie Stratford

The Frequency

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The Frequency are an independent rock band from Los Angeles, CA, they are relatively unknown psychedelic techno pop. Marc Cazorla and Alex Stiff are the core songwriting and recording duo behind the music and use an array of analogue and vintage instruments in creating sounds that have been described by NME as “stripped back music strengthened by simplicity as much as beauty”.

Track Love Is One is a soft techno rock anthem. The Frequency’s music is totally unique to anything you’ve heard before. Inspired by music from Pink Floyd, Can, and Spiritualized, their live show adds another level of intensity to the music.  Their show has been described as an audio/visual feast for your senses.

By Sophie Stratford