Discovr Music – iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X Application

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Discovr Music is an iPhone and Mac OS X application to help you find new music. It works in a similar way to last.fm but instead of listing similar music acts, it displays suggestions graphically in interconnected webs. There is also a version to show similar iPhone apps called Discovr Apps.

discovr music app - iphone ipad mac osx

There are some negatives to this application though. It’s only available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X 10.6 or later which means Windows or non-iPhone users can’t use this resource at all. It’s not a free application (£1.49 from the iTunes and the Mac App Store) which will put a lot of people off trying it and isolate it further.

A few negative reviews were also submitted. One person commented that it had returned Red Hot Chili Peppers for both Incubus and Ed Sheeran searches and a few others report it returning no results whatsoever. Possibly more people need to start using the app for it to gather more details and be able to offer less vague and generic results but for this, I think a larger reach is necessary.

Regardless of the down points though, it’s definitely an interesting concept that’s worth sharing and will hopefully be expanded, possibly to other areas such as films.

The GAG Quartet – le Internet Medley

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Le Internet medley genius song/video produced by the Israeli rockers The GAG Quartet. It’s an incredibly tight and well produced video with some hilarious, and often quite subtle, meme references throughout. Le Internet Medley has been on youtube for just 9 days now and has already racked up over 5.5 million views.

As far as I can make out, the medley goes: Nyan Cat, Ievan Polkka (Leek Spin), Keyboard Cat, Trololo, Chacarron Macarron, Numa Numa, Rebecca Black’s Friday, Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, Chocolate Rain and then back to Nyan Cat. There’s allegedly 40 memes in total but sadly still no Milhouse.

Oh and I stumbled upon this video through a friend who makes some pretty cool, homemade music here.


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get-ctrl is in my opinion, the hottest, free tool for unsigned bands at the moment. A one stop shop where an artist can build a professional-looking, official website using a simple content editor complete with media players, galleries, news feeds and a gig calender. A bit like MySpace you’re probably thinking but get-ctrl have really gone the extra mile with this service without feeling the need to ruin your bands all important public image by cluttering your page with cumbersome adverts.

This music platform is also offering you the ability to simply make both iPhone and Facebook apps as well as maintain a digital and soon to be physical store (12% commissions)  along with mailing lists. Oh and not to forget the real-time statistics get-ctrl is supplying on their services, possibly the most entertaining and dangerously addictive invention of recent times. Also, get-ctrl make it possible and actively encourage you to attach a private domain name to your site with a simple tool in the settings section giving your band’s web presence that added edge.

get-ctrl has been produced by a wide array of people who’ve been making band websites for 10 years; they know exactly what you want in a service like this. And don’t forget, all of this is free, get-ctrl’s business model is based around a relatively low 12% commission on the online stores they provide to you so they only make money when you do.

Still not convinced? Check out the new official website of the IMF regulars Reachback. And have a listen to their new single ‘No One Else’ while your at it.

V&V (Issue #2)

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From Vinyl and Vodka:

“We have finally finished the 2nd issue of Vinyl and Vodka Magazine. I’m so happy because the 2 months seemed like forever! I didn’t get much sleep at all and finishing the magazine in time was always on my mind. I intended to get the issue out by the beginning of February before Valentines day (if you click through the magazine you’ll see why) but that didn’t happen, so oh well.

This issue features an interview with HEALTH and articles like The Internet and its Effect on the Music Industry, along with reviews of Tim Burton’s art gallery at MOMA. We also featured 500 Days of Summer and A Single Man. 5 bloggers (We All Want Someone, The Culture Of Me, Pigeons and Planes, We Listen For You, Both Eyes Closed) also participated in creating a cool feature.

There are 2 editorials that are in this issue, and thank you SO SO SO SO much to Shaun Scade from Scade Photography for fighting the cold and dealing with us for two days straight, shooting our models.

P.S. Be sure to download the Vodkast here and stream it while you’re reading the magazine because it will make the experience so much better!”

V&V (Issue #1) – New Online Magazine

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The first issue of the Vinyl and Vodka Magazine is available. At the moment, it is thought the magazine will become a bi-monthly affair. V&V takes a minimalist approach in design to deliver an eclectic blend of music, fashion and culture in reviews, interviews, features and photography. The result is a fresh, new publication; full of content and yet completely uncluttered.

Issue #1 can be read below (click for full screen) and advertising space is currently available for Issue #2. Visit the Vinyl and Vodka blog for more information.