Inua Ellams

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Inua Ellams“I am the brown-skinned blue prince to re-rinse reality outta rain puddles like forefathers before me.”

Inua Ellams is a London based poet and a member of the poet collective A Poem In Between People. He has produced a number of tracks so far, the most notable being ‘Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales’ which later went on to become a book featuring what the title would suggest. It’s worth a read if you get the chance and it’s only £4 on Amazon. This is spokenword at it’s best and it’s well worth checking out if you’re new to the genre as well as Musa Okwonga, another member of A Poem In Between People.

“I spun 13 fairy Negro tales that night.
Weighed them on illogic sales
that tipped the balance
and formed an alliance
with my version of the truth,
I uprooted reality and substituted
for another that had more humanity;
thinking that if I thought hard enough
I’d make it real.”

Inua Ellams