The Horrors – Skying (album info) + Still Life (single review+stream)

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With The Horrors set to release their third album Skying on July the 11th (26th in US), the first single from the album entitled ‘Still Life’ has been made available to stream. The self-produced DIY supplies album that was first hinted at over a year ago was recorded in the bands very own London studio.

To me, this latest single lacks the drive and edginess we saw in their earlier stuff from the ‘Strange House’ and ‘Primary Colours’ era. It’s still a decent sound though and I’m pretty hyped about Skying being released in July as you so often can’t judge an album from the first single, especially with a band like The Horrors.

The track listing for ‘Skying’ has since been announced and the band have a couple of lined up over the next couple of months across the UK and Europe.

01. Changing the Rain 02. You Said 03. I Can See Through You 04. Endless Blue 05. Dive In 06. Still Life 07. Wild Eyed 08. Moving Further Away 09. Monica Gems 10. Oceans Burning

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I’ve gotten to hear a couple tracks and was wondering who engineered this record, did they produce AND engineer themselves?!

yeah, if you still haven’t got an answer some other place, they produced the album themselves

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