Reachback – Butterflies (debut single)

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Reachback, the south-east’s finest, up-and-coming pop punk band have released their first single; a four track affair that borders on being an EP. Titled ‘Butterflies’, a song of unrequited love, the single contains two B-sides as well as an acoustic version of the title track as featured below.

Butterflies (Acoustic) – Reachback

It’s a rare cross genre appeal in which the band can travel between rock and pop without becoming absolute tools. They’re not too caught up in the scene to be afraid to perform a Lady Gaga medley with a metal inspired middle 8 breakdown. Reachback have a strong stage presence, a rare thing to find at this level so if you want to witness them for yourselves, their next London gig is at the Vibe Live bar on Brick Lane.

Butterflies can be downloaded from iTunes (link opens iTunes), Amazon and or you can pick it up as a physical CD from HMV.

Released August 9th 2010.

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How do you sit on a frozen moon?

OMG i love this song please make more
juliette xx

Wow, this is truly amazing! The singer is great! I want to learn more!

Are you not signed??? (if not) WHYYYYY?!?!?!

I want to hear more!!! xD ♥

I was at their first ever gig on Great Portland Street club 229. They have improved so mch everytime i see them and will only go on to bigger and better things!!! All that needs to happen now is for them to get signed! Ruby, Tom, Joe and Chin…. Keep up the hard work! Bless x

Love Reachback 😀
Pure awesomeness!

This band is awesome! Their single blew me away, it’s a must-buy!


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