Mitchell Museum – The Peters Port Memorial Service

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Mitchell Museum are Scotland’s most exciting new band. They splash the more instantaneous moments of Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse and Animal Collective onto a technicolor canvas, and capped by a healthy dose of edge and hyperactivity.

The album’s title derives from the town on the Isle of Benebecula in Scotland where vocalist Cammy MacFarlane was shipped out to live as a kid by his parents, where he was treated for “losing his mind”. Although close friends, he and his brother Raindeer (drums and vocals) count those lost years as monumental in bonding their relationship, and the band has become an extension of that bond.

Single Warning Bells is a frenzied klaxon call of an introduction into MM. Take The Tongue Out and Tiger Heartbeat are sizzling sunshine pop songs, with their own distinct British twist of lyricism, which is present throughout the whole record. This debut album is the perfect summer soundtrack.

Released 12th July 2010

By Sophie Stratford

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I love these guys!

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