Owl City – Fireflies

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Adam Young is the mastermind behind the music collaboration that is Owl City. Single ‘Fireflies’ has hit the No. 1 spot on the U.S Billboard charts in November 2009 and the U.S iTunes chart. It has also already sold nearly two million copies and is the fastest selling electronic track of all-time. Young has fashioned an elegant and seemingly effortless connection between fashionably arty, retro-nouveau electro pop and the kind of fresh-faced, sweetly melancholic hit factory songwriting.

Owl City pop has a purity of purpose – an innocence that breathes fresh air in to the electro-pop revival. It sounds like a sparkling wintry day in a place full of nature, rather than electronic music’s usual urban nocturnal vibe.  Fireflies makes a world of adventure to combat quietness and the boredom around you.

Released 22nd February 2010.

By Sophie Stratford

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OMG got to agree with Craig this is so sad.

In verbatim – Worst artist review on this site, ever.

Or…”Adam Young is a carbon copy rip off of Postal Service, appealing to teeny boppers across the globe with his scenester haircut and innocent eyes.” He has already basically admitted to ripping off Postal Service and has even stolen artwork to put in his album. Ah yes, what a true “mastermind” he really is…..

Worst artist review on this site, ever.

teens gonna bop.
haters gonna hate.

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