Jónsi – Go (solo album)

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Jónsi Þór Birgisson of Sigur Rós has begun to reveal his new solo album side project ‘Go’. He’s not giving much away at the moment but I’m sure all will become clear in due course.  In the meantime, there’s a free track available to download on his website at jonsi.com once you’ve signed up to the mailing list. Be sure to click the letters of Jónsi on the homepage, it plays snippets of other songs from the album. The ‘j’ is amazing.

Boy Lilikoi – Jónsi

From the tags on this mp3, it is revealed that the album is to be called ‘Go’ and is set to be released worldwide on April 5th 2010. Unlike most of his songs, the lyrics this time are in English. I’m not sure whether the rest of this solo album will be in English but it could show Jónsi trying to gain a more foreign listening audience.

Go Do
Animal Arithmetic
Boy Lilikoi
Sinking Friendships
Grow Till Tall
Around Us

‘Go’ Tracklist (announced 07/12/09)


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Every… song… is… great! Got it from a friend, didn’t realize it’s not officially out till next month until I saw this. Will buy it when it comes out. Best 9 song album in some time.

That’s gorgeous ! Makes me wish summer was here already.

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Can’t wait! This will be fantastic.

I can’t wait i love all of Sigur Ros, Riceboy Sleeps and the Parachutes … Jonsi’s solo album should be pure magic …
Boy Lilikoi is AMAZING!

this is just going to be the best album…after riceboy sleeps this is what i need to be hearing

This sounds awesome, I think most of if not all the album will be in English.

Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to hear the entire album!

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