Four Tet

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Kieran Hebden, the man behind Four Tet started out musically in the rock band Fridge. But when he moved on to his solo project, his stylings changed to something truly unique. To me his music is an organic take on the electronic genre. Four Tet’s tracks are completely instrumental but unlike most electronically manipulated music, have a heavy emphasis on live instrumentation.

Four full length albums were made between 1999 and 2005; Dialogue, Pause, Rounds and Everything Ecstatic as well as a Remixes album and a fairly recent EP, Ringer.

I’ve put in two mp3’s below as well as an amazing youtube video by Cheekychen. It’s a time lapse of him painting using another of Four Tet’s tracks ‘My Angel Rocks Back and Forth’ as the backing.

The Space Of Two Weeks – Four Tet

A Joy – Four Tet

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