Eurovision: Definitely Music That Sucks

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To all those in the rest of the world, the Eurovision song contest is an annual onslaught of shite music for the European masses.

In the U.K, it is widely regarded as being terrible but the rest of Europe, particularly the ex-eastern bloc countries seem to take it seriously. Terry Wogan usually narrates the event offering a sarcastic commentary for the U.K. Graham Norton took over this year and was better than I expected.

“Now there is going to be a wonderful aftershow party. I’d like to wear a dress made of cheap wrapping paper, I wonder where I could borrow one.” Graham Norton

The second half of the competition in which the different European countries award points to the acts is considered the only watchable part by most cultured countries. Normally all neighboring countries just vote for each other but this didn’t happen so much this year and the U.K came in the top 5 for the first time in years, coincidence or because we pulled out of Iraq?

Ukraine’s entry to the 2007 Eurovision song contest. The key change gave me internal hemorrhaging.

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I always wonder what viewers of programs like this would think of the hit American Idol. Would they view it with the same passion as people in the US… or the same disdain I guess depending on the household.

I am also curious about the video you were posting and unfortunately I cant see it too. Can you give us links on that? thanks.

She’s cute, Portugal loves Lena 🙂 . The one you posted doesn’t seem to be valid anymore…Do you have have another link for the video?

Did you hear that Blue are trying to get the UK to break its recent tradition of getting nil point!

I agree with Dan and Graham about where is the other link of the video. I would like to see the video. Thank you

Honestly, I’ve never watched the Eurovision event. But, it seems one of the prestigious event in Europe, but why is sucks? Please explain to me…
Charlie, please give me another video link because the link that you have entered invalid. Thank you…

Hey Charlie, have another link for the video? The one you posted doesn’t seem to be valid anymore…


Oh, you’re so right. It’s the ultimate “annual onslaught of shite music!” 🙂

It’s become better over the last years IMO with metal bands, dance music and not just poor ballads or 70’s disco music but it still is shit.

…and it is the worlds greatest direct TV show! How sick is that?


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I come from eastern Europe, I’ve seen this on twitter (where I also commented) and cannot resist not to reply. Not one part of the Europe takes Eurovision seriously, it’s means to present shitmusic, which is widely acclaimed.
I must admit I haven’t watched Eurovision song contest for years, but I’ve seen couple of this year’s performers and this stuff seriously rocks when compared to Ja rule or whichever monkey is out there “doin’ his shit” nowdays. :/

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