Firefly Effect – All The Jokes Are On Me

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David Mahler, the same guy behind Savage Sparrow has just finished making this music video for the Norwegian band Firefly Effect.

He says it’s taken him “Four months and about 1,640 hand drawn and water coloured frames”. Seriously impressive stuff and well worth your eye time. Subscribe to his blogspot.

The Avalanches

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avalanchesleftyou1The Avalanches are an interesting Melbourne act who released their debut album ‘Since I Left You’ way back in 2000. What’s so interesting about them is that this album was put together from around 3,500 samples taken from old vinyl records. What you get is a very unusual listening experience. A fluid album in which the tracks blend together seamlessly with a surrealist edge and the feeling that… “I’m sure I’ve heard that before somewhere”.

Radio – The Avalanches

Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life – The Avalanches

The follow up album has taken a long time with some debate and confusion as to whether it’ll be released at all. The Avalances MySpace page’s headline reads ‘clearing samples’ which I’m guessing means they have to check the copyright of all the samples they’re using. Anyway, I’ll be sure to post up here when it is finally available. In the mean time ‘Since I Left You’ is definitely worth checking out.

Triple J

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Triple JTriple J is a national Australian radio station first started in 1975 mainly aimed at a youthful audience (defined as those between 12 and 25). Music played on the station is generally more alternative than commercial stations with a heavy emphasis on new and Australian music. During the day, there’s usually a healthy selection of modern indie tracks from artists such as Sigur Rós who I’d never expect to hear on a national radio station. They play quite a variety on the station ranging from metal, to hip hop and from house to punk in their speciality night programs. 

To get it in iTunes, visit and click ‘listen’. Then chose mp3 stream in the pop-up that appears. On a mac, an m3u file is downloaded and this can be opened in iTunes.

Savage Sparrow

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m_142836dd19f34e5e91a6097744b4301aSavage Sparrow is a Melbourne based sample artist with a style similar to that of The Avalanches. At the time of writing, there are three full songs on the myspace as well as one other interesting short piece called “The Bird Song” I’ve heard that there may be a few more songs on the way, one possibly featuring a cello. Dave Mahler, the creator of Savage Sparrow also has a blog at blogspot featuring some other interesting items such as drawings and videos.

Angus & Julia Stone

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Angus & Julia StoneAngus and Julia Stone, a brother and sister act from Newport, Australia started out as individual solo artists accompanying each other musically at open mic nights. They decided to collaborate fully in early 2006 and have so far released three EP’s and one full length album. They have a warm, wooden sound and are a good acoustic listen. I would have posted the video to their track ‘Hollywood’ but the youtube UK music restriction is debilitating. Look it up if you’re out of the UK.

Chocolates and Cigarettes EP
Heart Full of Wine EP
A Book Like This
The Beast EP