Newton Faulkner – Rebuilt By Humans

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51tw7ryNPGL._SS500_Newton Faulkner, the acoustic guitar virtuoso returns with his eagerly anticipated second album ‘Rebuilt By Humans’. In this album Faulkner’s beautiful voice ranges from bluesy croon to falsetto howl and it hasn’t sounded better. First track and single ‘This Is It’ was one of the earliest songs he wrote for the album – a elated hymn to the joys of giggling.

The album title makes reference to Newton’s near career-ending accident on Boxing Day last year when he slipped on ice and fractured and dislocated his right wrist. His injury forced the postponement of his UK tour and some recovery time which gladly has not affected his genius.

The album pushes the frequencies with a multitude of instrumentation and amazing song writing. Newton says “I had brilliant fun making this album, and hopefully it sounds that way”.

Released 21st September 2009.

By Sophie Stratford

Nicholas Kopernicus

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Afrobeat, Blues, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae and Soul.

Nicholas Kopernicus are an instrumental duo from Brooklyn made up of pianist/producer Jason ‘classicbeatz’ Minnis and guitarist/songwriter Seon Gomez. Their tracks also feature a selection of live instrumentalists such as flautist Brandy Means as heard on ‘Candle Dreams’ (below).
The debut album ‘Audiocentric’ has just been released in shops and soon to be available as a download.

“A modern journey through music of the African Diaspora.”

Candle Dreams – Nicholas Kopernicus

Commentariolus – Nicholas Kopernicus


Noah And The Whale – The First Days Of Spring

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Noah-and-the-Whale-First-Day-of-Spring-300x300The First Days of Spring is the new album from Noah & The Whale, and is one of the most beautiful records you will hear this year.  The album comes accompanied by a film, directed from the band’s lead vocalist Charlie Fink and starring model Daisy Lowe, which runs the length of the album. Both the album and film are filled with huge emotional power, complexity and impact. The album opens with the 7 minute long, epic title track, and sets the tone wonderfully.

The First Days of Spring – Noah and the Whale

The record is very downbeat, and I can’t emphasize this enough. The only upbeat moment in the whole record comes from ‘Love Of An Orchestra’, where Fink sings about how his love of music is equivalent to the love of another person. Songs ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘Slow Glass’ are very catchy and will stay with you long after the closing bars have faded into silence. Give this album a full patient listen and you will find a strong and artistic album that still offers melodically successful and viscerally moving folk-rock music.

Released 31st August 2009.

By Sophie Stratford

Sophie Stratford

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Sophie Stratford is an up and coming music journalist. She writes gig reviews regularly for The Northern Echo. Her website with a collection of pieces she has written can be found here and she keeps a blogspot blog.

Sophie Stratford is going to start contributing a few pieces to Indie Music Finds so hopefully the blog won’t be as sparse as it has been as of late.

Skullcandy INK’D Earbud

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I’ve sworn by these skullcandy earphones for over a year now. I’m pretty sure they’re the best around for value (correct me if I’m wrong). They cost £13 in the U.K (from with free delivery. They’re about the same in $ on too.

The frequency range is 20-20kHz which I’ve been told is very good. They just sound amazing though, there’s so much depth and the fitting is so perfect that you can hear very little of the outside world. Therefore you don’t really need to play your music that loud and you don’t annoy people on the train.

5541897xLike all earphones, they do eventually break, but I challenge you to find a pair that won’t. These seem to average around 3 months a pair but they’ll last way longer if you treat them right. It’s always where the wire meets the plug that gets a loose connection so don’t put this joint under too much stress. I’ve coated this in super glue this time and they’re doing well.

I recommended these to a friend the other day and he was as impressed as I was so I thought this blog-worthy. I don’t work for Skullcandy or anything, honest.