Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift During Her VMA 2009 Acceptance Speech

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Although I couldn’t care less for any of the artists involved in this incident, I thought it worth mentioning for the fact that this will no doubt cause a dent in the career of one of the most popular musicians of this time. Viacom are taking down all of the youtube videos of this incident so I haven’t bothered to include one.


Kanye West entered the VMA stage whilst Taylor Swift was giving her acceptance speech upon winning the award for the best female video. West took the mic from Swift and with the same logic and elegance of speech as saying ‘no offense’ before laying into someone announced,

“Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’m going to let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time.”

Swift remained silent and was soon escorted offstage. Beyonce was of course massively embarrassed by West’s outburst and later called Taylor Swift on stage to finish her acceptance speech.

I don’t care that he apologized about it on his blog. The fact is that he ruined a defining moment of a teenager’s life and should have been able to control himself.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Fruit

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Copenhagen’s retro soul pop stars ‘The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’ are back with a new single ‘The Golden Age’ and a new album to follow ‘Fruit’. The album is a woozy musical delight of happy soul and kaleidoscopic pop triumphs with a psychedelic blend of retro funky beats and brass band mayhem. Since fronting the Apple iPod Touch advert worldwide with song ‘Around the Bend’ and having their tracks featured on US TV shows, the band has gone from strength to strength.

‘Fruit’ is full of catchy, sing-a-long choruses, and includes singles ‘Around The Bend’, the ‘Golden Age’ as well as more melancholic tracks like ‘Satellite’ and the deliciously groovy ‘Lady Jesus’ a song based on a real life event of a scary Danish religious leader who lived nearby. ‘The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’ are the latest exciting instalment in the new wave of hip Scandinavian pop hitting the UK and are heading for fame faster than the speed of light.

Released 21st September 2009.

By Sophie Stratford


The Avalanches

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avalanchesleftyou1The Avalanches are an interesting Melbourne act who released their debut album ‘Since I Left You’ way back in 2000. What’s so interesting about them is that this album was put together from around 3,500 samples taken from old vinyl records. What you get is a very unusual listening experience. A fluid album in which the tracks blend together seamlessly with a surrealist edge and the feeling that… “I’m sure I’ve heard that before somewhere”.

Radio – The Avalanches

Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life – The Avalanches

The follow up album has taken a long time with some debate and confusion as to whether it’ll be released at all. The Avalances MySpace page’s headline reads ‘clearing samples’ which I’m guessing means they have to check the copyright of all the samples they’re using. Anyway, I’ll be sure to post up here when it is finally available. In the mean time ‘Since I Left You’ is definitely worth checking out.

Hockey – Mind Chaos

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l_ddc0e002106949c6b4f0b2bcd195bbc1Portland’s Hockey are set to release their debut album ‘Mind Chaos’, it’s a consistent record that blends chunky beats, razor-sharp lyrics and a whole lot of soul. For men with such chaotic minds, the band has channelled many influences into this album from Tom Petty to Michael Jackson to LCD Soundsystem.

Mind Chaos is a witty pack of literate songs you can dance all night to, especially single ‘Learn To Loose’ where vocalist Ben Grubin combines a vocal soulfulness and vulnerability with an arch raising eyebrow wit which is irresistible. Embracing an urge to mix the rhythmic sharpness of old school hiphop with the rawness of garage rock and the vitality of modern electro, Hockey have created a colourful, vibrant and infectious record, the band say “Everyone’s making dance music now true, but we started in 2002”.

Released 21st September 2009.

By Sophie Stratford

Peter Squires

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l_a4b36c8708044cb3ad8bd7beef9ed27a“Raw, unpolished, and disarmingly personal, ‘Woe is Me’ the debut release from indie-folk newcomer Peter Squires is a sweet and sincere portrait of a young man recovering from heartbreak.

Recorded in his Brooklyn bedroom, Squires’ songs cathartically express lovelorn despair with refreshing humor and self-awareness.  Like the best work of Morrissey and Magnetic Fields, Peter Squires keeps things playful while he breaks your heart.”

Peter Squires is making his album available for free. Download link here. (clicking starts a .zip download)

Woe Is Me – Peter Squires