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Erland - Dave MahlerDave Mahler has created this music, this video and now this website. That’s a lot of cliché ‘this’ hyperlinks but I guess that’s what happens when one person does so much. Oh, and the IMF logo and the portrait opposite, yeah, a lot.

He’s editing a new music video for the Norwegian band Children and Corpse at the moment. You can see a still from it on his blog and I’ll post the video here on IMF when it’s finished.

In the meantime, you can check out his website, a culmination of his illustration, animation and photography. The portraits section is definitely a must-see with his unique style of crosshatched texta shading.


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The developers, tried to make the “most expressive” instrument and they may well have succeeded. Created by Eigenlabs, this is quite possibly the future of electronic instruments. The Eighenharp is to come in two varieties, the Alpha and a miniature version called the Pico. Bear in mind that this isn’t a true instrument in the sense that a clarinet or a guitar are but rather an elaborate input device to an infinite range of VST instruments. You’ll need an amplifier to get a sound.


The instrument is based around a variety of types of sensors. The main neck of the Alpha features 120 individual keys sensitive to the width of a bacteria. These can then be moved once pressed to offer a pitch change and filter. There are two sensitive strips along the sides of the instrument for slides as well as 12 keys intended primarily for percussion to be played in a slap base style with the right hand. There is also a breath pipe which can be used to add more expression.

The Pico is a far simpler affair resembling a melodica with only 18 playing keys, one strip and the breath pipe. However, it is under a tenth of the price of the Alpha at £345 and I think it’ll become the most popular for this reason alone. The Alpha is going to set you back £3,950.

Eight years in development, the Eigenharp is about to come to fruition. Eigenlabs are currently taking orders and dispatches start on the 9th of November.

I can see this replacing the keyboard in live music.
What do you think?

Skullcandy INK’D Earbud

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I’ve sworn by these skullcandy earphones for over a year now. I’m pretty sure they’re the best around for value (correct me if I’m wrong). They cost £13 in the U.K (from Play.com) with free delivery. They’re about the same in $ on Amazon.com too.

The frequency range is 20-20kHz which I’ve been told is very good. They just sound amazing though, there’s so much depth and the fitting is so perfect that you can hear very little of the outside world. Therefore you don’t really need to play your music that loud and you don’t annoy people on the train.

5541897xLike all earphones, they do eventually break, but I challenge you to find a pair that won’t. These seem to average around 3 months a pair but they’ll last way longer if you treat them right. It’s always where the wire meets the plug that gets a loose connection so don’t put this joint under too much stress. I’ve coated this in super glue this time and they’re doing well.

I recommended these to a friend the other day and he was as impressed as I was so I thought this blog-worthy. I don’t work for Skullcandy or anything, honest.


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Moof is a new browser based media library designed by the same man behind dailybooth, Jon Wheatley. It’s still in it’s early stages at the moment so expect more features to be added in the future.

The main idea to this platform is to make the music social with the ability to send playlists to your friends. It also serves as a way to back up your iTunes library. You can export it as an .xml file and upload it to moof to have the ability to access it where ever you are.

Moof works by streaming the tracks from youtube. There are no adverts played whilst you listen unlike spotify and you are more likely to be able to listen to the niche songs in your library.

Also, it has a great sign up form, it’s worth joining just for that.


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