Thom Yorke – The Eraser Remixes

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Picture 1The Eraser Remixes is a 9 track album of remixes from the 2006 album, ‘The Eraser’ by Thom Yorke of Radiohead. It features a remix of all the tracks apart from the title track and two remixes of Black Swan.

A lot of dubstep traits can be heard in this album and this goes well with Thom Yorke’s already distinct musical and vocal style.

The album can be downloaded through torrent from The Pirate Bay at 320kbps. I’m putting this here because his solo stuff always seems to be very overpriced.

At the bottom are three tracks from the album and here’s the video for the Atoms for Peace (Four Tet Remix)

And It Rained All Night (Burial remix) – Thom Yorke

Atoms for Peace (Four Tet remix) – Thom Yorke

Harrowdown Hill (The Bug remix) – Thom Yorke

This Frontier Needs Heroes

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This Frontier Needs Heroes

Formed in 2007, when Brad’s last band broke up, his sister Jessica suggested that she play drums for him. He told her she wasn’t good enough. So she learned how to play tambourine, harmonica, ukulele, harp, and sing! Stripped down, lyrically driven, and influenced by the whole American catalog from Soul to Country, The Heroes outlaw revolutionary style is social commentary and an emotional blueprint for navigating through these wild times!  Now on tour across the US and Europe in support of their self released debut record, available on itunes in July, they are searching for mind blowing experiences of heroic proportions.

Leopard Eyes – This Frontier Needs Heroes

Firefly – This Frontier Needs Heroes

Jamie T – Sticks and Stones EP

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Sticks n StonesJamie T’s new EP, ‘Sticks n Stones’ was released officially on Monday. He’s a great artist with his lyrics offering a great social commentary of working class life.

So Lonely Was The Ballad – Jamie T

‘Sticks n Stones’, the title track is definitely a title track in the sense that it is easily the best on there but the others are worth a listen. ‘St Christopher’ and ‘On The Green’ are more acoustic in nature.

I’m still not to sure about ‘Dance of the Young Professionals’ though, fuck knows what he was thinking with that, Ukraine’s 2007 Eurovision entry anyone?

Jamie T is releasing his second  album ‘Kings and Queen’s’ “late this summer”, well according to wikipedia (I’m a professional).

Sticks n Stones – Jamie T

St Christopher – Jamie T

On The Green – Jamie T

The Dance Of The Young Professionals – Jamie T

Dustbin Diaries – Inua Ellams

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This is another poem from Inua Ellam’s book ‘Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales’ The book is available from Amazon here for £4.


Dustbin Diaries -Inua Ellams

upon a time,
a young man gleaned
from an archaic continent creamed
in the light fantastic;
from the borders of history baked
before an African sun
came to this kingdom
of Babylon.

This kingdom became his home.
And as time turned its page
suit followed his age –
this now withered warrior
is whom I see before me.
Read the rest

The Hector Fund

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Picture 15

Picture 16The Hector Fund is an organisation that aims to help independent artists find the money to produce their material. They provide a platform in which an artist can offer certain privileges to fans like a signed copy of the album or having your name listed in the “thank you” section of the liner notes. These offers come at a range of prices for different levels.

At the moment there are only three artists in The Hector Fund, Linda Thompson, Bodega Girls and Alex Alvear. Linda Thompson is offering a free download of her track ‘Never The Bride’ exclusively for The Hector Fund.

This sort of initiative is important as it stops artists becoming locked into contracts whilst allowing them to professionally produce their albums.

“The Hector Fund is changing the way the world finances music by applying the principles of microfinancing to the music industry. The Hector Fund is supporting economic development in music capitals around the globe by developing an Artistfunding Platform that allows music fans to give financial support directly to their favorite artist in exchange for a more fulfilling fan experience.”