Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (behind the scenes)

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Simian Mobile Disco have just finished recording their new video ‘Cruel Intentions’. The video was directed by Saam Faramand, the same guy behind ‘Golden Skans’ of Klaxons. Vice UK tagged along to the shoot and got behind the scenes with the band and director to film a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. Go here to see the footage.

Jónsi – Go (solo album)

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Jónsi Þór Birgisson of Sigur Rós has begun to reveal his new solo album side project ‘Go’. He’s not giving much away at the moment but I’m sure all will become clear in due course.  In the meantime, there’s a free track available to download on his website at once you’ve signed up to the mailing list. Be sure to click the letters of Jónsi on the homepage, it plays snippets of other songs from the album. The ‘j’ is amazing.

Boy Lilikoi – Jónsi

From the tags on this mp3, it is revealed that the album is to be called ‘Go’ and is set to be released worldwide on April 5th 2010. Unlike most of his songs, the lyrics this time are in English. I’m not sure whether the rest of this solo album will be in English but it could show Jónsi trying to gain a more foreign listening audience.

Go Do
Animal Arithmetic
Boy Lilikoi
Sinking Friendships
Grow Till Tall
Around Us

‘Go’ Tracklist (announced 07/12/09)


Scrambler Seequill

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Scrambler Seequill

Scrambler Seequill is the collaborative music and production project by Michael Gamble (Scrambler) and Devin Febbroriello (Seequill). Coming from such different backgrounds as conservatory trained musician and d.i.y. art activist, Scrambler and Seequill have found a meeting place to channel their visions and voices dualistically. Drawing from various inspirations, and experiences a certain sound and message is earnestly delivered.

Scrambler Seequill’s psychedelic prog rock, is punctuated by complex arrangements yet catchy art pop hooks. A swirling cascade of opposites comprise their poetically charming sound. Songs written under covers, at night and at dawn over coffee, during good years and bad years, about something, for no one and anyone who wonders why.

<a href="">Hear the Sound by Scrambler Seequill</a>

You can download four of Scrambler Seequills songs for free upon visiting their bandcamp site including ‘One Design’ as featured in the video below.

Special Benny

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Special Benny are a 5 piece band that now reside in London. The band, with members from Brighton, Southend and Hong Kong are getting ready to release their debut album ‘Toys’. According to the band’s label, this album will be out in Spring 2010 and you can be sure to see a review of it up on this blog.

The first single from the debut will be ‘Air Filter’ (released 23rd November 2009). It’s a largely instrumental track but unlike most bands that veer on the experimental side of music, Special Benny keep a remarkably polished sound.

Air Filter – Special Benny


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The developers, tried to make the “most expressive” instrument and they may well have succeeded. Created by Eigenlabs, this is quite possibly the future of electronic instruments. The Eighenharp is to come in two varieties, the Alpha and a miniature version called the Pico. Bear in mind that this isn’t a true instrument in the sense that a clarinet or a guitar are but rather an elaborate input device to an infinite range of VST instruments. You’ll need an amplifier to get a sound.


The instrument is based around a variety of types of sensors. The main neck of the Alpha features 120 individual keys sensitive to the width of a bacteria. These can then be moved once pressed to offer a pitch change and filter. There are two sensitive strips along the sides of the instrument for slides as well as 12 keys intended primarily for percussion to be played in a slap base style with the right hand. There is also a breath pipe which can be used to add more expression.

The Pico is a far simpler affair resembling a melodica with only 18 playing keys, one strip and the breath pipe. However, it is under a tenth of the price of the Alpha at £345 and I think it’ll become the most popular for this reason alone. The Alpha is going to set you back £3,950.

Eight years in development, the Eigenharp is about to come to fruition. Eigenlabs are currently taking orders and dispatches start on the 9th of November.

I can see this replacing the keyboard in live music.
What do you think?