A Pale Ghost

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The Slow Rise To DeclineThe Slow Rise To Decline, the debut full-length album from independent artist A Pale Ghost was released online today as a free download from Mental Shed Records. The album, a sad and haunting acoustic masterpiece, features many of the favorites A Pale Ghost has been playing out around Oregon and Wisconsin, including the dark and brooding anthems of Day After Day and Never Seen Again.The Slow Rise To Decline is an honest, if not unsettling portrait of beauty, desperation, and hopelessness.

Go – A Pale Ghost

It can be downloaded as a DRM-free MP3 album from Mental Shed Records here

The experimental precursor, the They Make Great Ant Hills EP, was released online last week, and be download here

Mars Argo

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Mars ArgoMars Argo are a duo. The two members, Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair first met online and later moved to Chicago. They’re currently recording an album and they’ve already 
got a few great tracks on their muxtape page. The songs have a comfortably morose sound. Mars Argo also run an interesting blog called grocerybag.tv where they post their 
videos and pictures.


Son Of Dave

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Son Of DaveSon of Dave is a one man hip hop/blues band. It’s the solo project of Crash Test Dummy’s Benjamin Darvill.

He released the first album ‘B. Darvill’s Wild West Show’ in 1999 and then albums called ’01’, ’02’ and ’03’.

It’s a really good sound mixing harmonica, beat boxing and foot stomping and using tape loops to do it all on his own live. You can listen to 01, 02 and 03 on Spotify.

Below, Son of Dave’s cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

Beans On Toast

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l_9ac13b482e1c1f8f1c3fcff619003fd21Taken from his myspace page:

“Beans on Toast is one man with a guitar. He’s been playing songs for about a year on the time of writing this (25th June 2006) and intends to do this for a bit longer. He’s convinced that global warming is going to wipe out civilisation any minute now. He’s bored of racism. He enjoys having sex. He drinks too much. He has recently bought a new guitar. He intends to offer his songs for download on this site. He intends to change them on a regular basis. He is aware that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He likes North London. He has a beautiful girlfriend. He pretends to be a gypsy. He’s a big fan of Tom Robbins. He’s not a big fan of capitalism. He owns an Apple Mac. He spent the last year making some sort of stand against myspace. This is his myspace page. He has his tail between his legs. He is a proud Sagittarius. He pretends to be a hippy. All his songs have the same chords and he sounds like Billy Bragg.”

For free Beans On Toast Downloads click here.


Angus & Julia Stone

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Angus & Julia StoneAngus and Julia Stone, a brother and sister act from Newport, Australia started out as individual solo artists accompanying each other musically at open mic nights. They decided to collaborate fully in early 2006 and have so far released three EP’s and one full length album. They have a warm, wooden sound and are a good acoustic listen. I would have posted the video to their track ‘Hollywood’ but the youtube UK music restriction is debilitating. Look it up if you’re out of the UK.

Chocolates and Cigarettes EP
Heart Full of Wine EP
A Book Like This
The Beast EP