imagineIAM EP

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A revisit from imagineIAM who we featured briefly back in 2009, Chad Faulk is back with a 5 track EP accompanied by his band as they reinterpret his unique, manic percussive solo style. There’s a fascinating blend of styles in this EP as Chad’s self taught approach to percussion and composing met with Carolyn Scalfano’s classical pianist background who helped carry his unclassifiable personal style to its full potential in a 5 piece band. The song Exacto Kiss is back from his earlier release Merry Go Round in a reformatted full band version with even more drive and intensity than before.

The 5 track imagineIAM EP can be purchased through bandcamp for a minimum of $5 in FLAC or MP3 320kbps (get the FLAC). You can also listen to some of the earlier imagineIAM solo tracks here.

imagineIAM EP

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Maybe I’m late on this one. But this is genius! Thanks for the great music!

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