Roger Waters – The Dark Ride of the Loon

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Roger Waters The Wall 2012 Tour

When Roger Waters embarked on his Dark Side of the Moon tour back in 2006, a new era in album tributes was born. Those who attended the Dark Side concerts remember a startling visual accompaniment to Waters’ awesome band and their massive sound. Now, in 2012, tickets to Roger Waters The Wall tour are selling out fast as Floyd fans and others clamor to be amazed all over again. The Wall tour revives the iconic 1979 Pink Floyd album of the same name. It is the fragmented history of a rock star named Pink.

Pink suffers from a mixture of psychosis and post-traumtic shock. He struggles to deal with life in the shadow of loneliness by adopting wild and detached behavior. The death of his father during World War II drives the story forward into a crazed materialistic trip littered with dark poetry and violence. The Wall’s most powerful image remains the marching hammers that steamroll their way across a broken landscape like Nazi stormtroopers. Expect to encounter these visions when you see Roger Waters live in concert. The drama of the tale, coupled to some of the best songs of the last thirty years, will once again take audiences deep on an intense voyage that transcends music and creativity; Roger Waters’ own personal history bears many parallels to that of Pink, and this provides a rich fuel for an epic modern journey.

Pink Floyd began life as a spark between Waters and Nick Mason when they met at college in London. Several small mutations later – including the acquisition of one Syd Barrett – Floyd were the resident band at a Kensington all-night club. Their meteoric rise to the leading edge of the British psychedelic movement happened naturally; audiences loved Barrett for his onstage exuberance and over-indulgent flights of fancy. The association with LSD and an artsy, progressive scene was no accident. Led by Barrett, Floyd were ahead of the curve, and their debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was packed with images of gnomes, bicycles, fairy stories, witches’ cats and military code.

Floyd went from strength to strength, losing Barrett along the way to mental illness and replacing him with David Gilmour. In time Roger Waters emerged as the true voice of Pink Floyd. It’s fitting that it is Waters who has managed the most impactful concert tours in the years since Floyd disbanded, with Dark Side of the Moon and now The Wall being the crowning glories. Roger Waters tickets are high price tickets, chiefly because they give the audience a full-blown experience rather than just a concert. The recent news that David Gilmour tickets are also on sale for his upcoming tour is an indicator that Pink Floyd may yet reassemble and blow our minds again. But it’s probably just a silly dream. Then again, isn’t all of life just a silly dream?

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