The Top 5 Live Indie Bands List of 2011

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With spring just around the corner (optimistic?!) everyone will be starting to enjoy the lighter evenings and warmer days. So to match everybody’s brighter moods how about some great new music to have a little listen to? We’ve got web editor Callie Morris to recommend her top 5 live acts you should all go and see this year…




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This five piece from Oxford seems to have the ‘psychadelic indie’ genre pinned. Having only got together for a one off show last year they decided to stick it out, stay together and see what else they can get up to. Pretty smart move as they are now set for big things, frequently attracting the interest of various music and media professionals.

If you like nice harmonies (who doesn’t!?) then this band will be right up your street, although everyone else will still enjoy their foot tappingly cheerful music.




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Everyone will soon know about Spark. Already a favourite with acts such as Marina and the Diamonds and Diana Vickers she is bursting onto the music scene in a blaze of poppy electro. The awesome East London singer/songwriter will be releasing her debut album this year… As one YouTube commenter said: “2011 will belong to this girl”.


The Go! Team


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Having been around since 2000 The Go! Team aren’t actually a new band, but I feel they deserve a little place on my list purely because if you haven’t already seen them (and even if you have) then 2011 is the year to do this – their energy on stage is infectious and you’ll definitely be glad you were a part of it. Check out the live video above for an example of the talent involved in this six piece from Brighton.

They draw a lot of influence from Sonic Youth, playground chants and old school hip hop and electro creating a surprisingly good combination.


Death Cab For Cutie


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Death Cab For Cutie are another band that are in no way new, however their latest album Codes and Keys will be released this year so they can have a little spot on my list as ones to definitely go and see in 2011 – due to the simple fact that they’re awesome. From the bass line in ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ to Ben Gibbardís voice in – well any song, they are definitely not to be missed.

Their last album Narrow Stairs was released in 2008 and reached number 1 on the Billboard 200. Lets see if they can match this success with their imminent next one…


Niki And The Dove


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Swedish group Niki and the Dove will have you enchanted with their musical offerings and definitely leave you wanting more. Topping many of the rising stars for 2011 lists it’s worth jumping on this bandwagon before everyone else does too!

Fronted by Marin Dahlström who has a voice that is able to make electro-pop sound emotional and enchanting, check out singles ‘DJ, Ease My Mind’ and ‘Under the Bridges’, then get yourself a Niki And The Dove gig ticket!

Keep an eye on their Myspace page for upcoming gig information and general band news.

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Love the Go Team! they are something else live! Sadly they’re the only ones on your list I’ve seen so will look forward to crossing the others of the list soon!

Check out my band _the james brothers band_ on reverbnatian.
Were good I bet you. Haha I hope