Botany – Feeling Today

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Botany, in my opinion one of the most unique artists to be featured on this blog to date is to soon release his debut five track EP, Feeling Today. Referred to by Spencer Stephenson himself as hillwave, Botany produces his music from his house atop a hill surrounded by trees and the Texas horizon; it definitely comes through in the music.

With word already of a future full-length scheduled for Spring 2011, you can expect to hear more news of Botany on IMF.

Water Parker – Botany

Spencer’s first encounter with recording came from a Casio and a cassette at age 4. He’s into the idea of recycling sounds and his tracks are reminiscent of a lost age of antiquity buried by modern life. There’s a lucid, tribal quality and the fourth track of the EP and track four, Bennefactress really captures the sound of Four Tet, a sound which I had previously believed to be inimitable.

Released 15th November 2010.

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Can’t wait to check these guys out!

I’ve been listening to this band called Black Dub a lot recently. It’s Daniel Lanois and Trixie Whitley, with jazz musicians Brian Blade and Daryl Johnson.

Grade A stuff. I’m unqsuetionalby in your debt.

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