Milk – Oubliette

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I was lucky enough to chance on Milk two Mondays ago at The Water Rats and was seriously impressed and slightly shocked that they were only on second on a bill of four. Luckily they’ve been rebooked for the 28th and seem to be a bit of a regular occurrence at this venue so I’d thoroughly recommend going along.

They’ve got a beautifully well balanced live set up; a male and a female singer/guitarist, an incredible bassist and one of the tightest drummers I’ve seen in a long time. The result is a tight-knit entity producing some outlandish tracks with clear musical influenced from Sigur Rós and Radiohead being held together with some really quite intricate bass lines.

Milk have recently released their second EP Oubliette and have made it available for free download on their bandcamp along with the first self-titled EP. They’ve also been giving out free copies of the Oubliette EP at gigs.

Spring Offensive – The First of Many Dreams About Monsters

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Spring Offensive, a 5 piece university band with a difference, are definitely a band to look out for. They’ve just brought out their third release of the year, The First of Many Dreams About Monsters which despite technically being a single is over thirteen minutes long and composed of five seperate parts.

It’s been referred to as a ‘mega-single’ and is certainly just that. The First of Many Dreams About Monsters is somewhat of a concept record and Spring Offensive have made it known that it was inspired by On Death and Dying, the book by Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Küber-Ross that first documented the ‘grief cycle’. Each of the five parts to the song represents a different stage of the cycle; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance but that band have pointed out it isn’t about Küber-Ross or the loss of a loved one but about the potential insensitivity of writing about grief.

The First of Many Dreams About Monsters has been made available as a free download by the band and their earlier releases are available from the Spring Offensive myspace.

Released 20th August 2010.

Special Benny – Toys

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Special Benny, an extraordinary British band I first featured on this blog almost a year ago are finally ready to release their debut ‘Toys’, a largely instrumental 9 track album. Toys has been a long time in the making and nearly didn’t happen at all. Special Benny first released the Rumblestrip EP back in 2006 but the band started to lose momentum as different members followed their seperate paths in life. A send off gig was played and then nothing more until late 2008 when Special Benny discovered a newfound enthusiasm for their music and went onto eventually complete Toys.

Toys opens with Air Filter, an absolutely blinding track released as a single last Autumn that sets the tone for the rest of the album perfectly. Special Benny themselves have said their musical tastes vary greatly and this really comes through in Toys. There’s a certain lucid quality to their sound and it’s hard not to get drawn in by it, particularly in a somewhat repetitive track like Sine and Step. Either way, you can tell right from the first listen how much studio time has gone in to this recording to make Toys exactly what Special Benny had envisaged down to the finest of details. I’m really glad that this band didn’t fall apart before they truly got started, there’s no stopping them now.

Released 6th September 2010.

Reachback – Butterflies (debut single)

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Reachback, the south-east’s finest, up-and-coming pop punk band have released their first single; a four track affair that borders on being an EP. Titled ‘Butterflies’, a song of unrequited love, the single contains two B-sides as well as an acoustic version of the title track as featured below.

Butterflies (Acoustic) – Reachback

It’s a rare cross genre appeal in which the band can travel between rock and pop without becoming absolute tools. They’re not too caught up in the scene to be afraid to perform a Lady Gaga medley with a metal inspired middle 8 breakdown. Reachback have a strong stage presence, a rare thing to find at this level so if you want to witness them for yourselves, their next London gig is at the Vibe Live bar on Brick Lane.

Butterflies can be downloaded from iTunes (link opens iTunes), Amazon and or you can pick it up as a physical CD from HMV.

Released August 9th 2010.