Rapskallion’s Laneway Extraordinaire

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I chanced upon Rapskallion this morning in one of Melbourne’s laneways and I was drawn in instantly. They gave a five person performance of mandolin, melodica, megaphone; double bass, violin and accordion times two as well as a whimsical array of percussive utensils and surfaces; the seemingly preferred of which being the face of Harry Connick Jr on nearby posters that littered their cave.

A modern take on the Parisian-Gypsy sound of the early 20th century, they sing tales of Brunswick (the bohemian enclave of Melbourne’s suburbs) with the improvised charm of a true street performance and enough character to fill a Dickens novel.

Never Turn Your Back On Tha Sea – Rapskallion

I made a purchase of their album ‘One Up For The Little Man’, an enthralling 11 track piece. You can visit their myspace here or get the album from iTunes.

One thing I can say for definite is that the busking in Melbourne is better. The lighting and acoustics of the London Underground don’t do anyone any justice.

By Charlie O’Shea

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These guys are fantastic! I also saw them at the Folk Festival – they were the highlight for me. Their music and theatrics are so entralling; and brilliant to dance to!

I got the privileged of seeing these guys at the National Folk Festival recently. So much energy! An amazing set of performances, loved by all audiences. Fantastic album to boot.

Isn’t this a great song and a great band?