Sophie Stratford

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Sophie Stratford is an up and coming music journalist. She writes gig reviews regularly for The Northern Echo. Her website with a collection of pieces she has written can be found here and she keeps a blogspot blog.

Sophie Stratford is going to start contributing a few pieces to Indie Music Finds so hopefully the blog won’t be as sparse as it has been as of late.

Skullcandy INK’D Earbud

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I’ve sworn by these skullcandy earphones for over a year now. I’m pretty sure they’re the best around for value (correct me if I’m wrong). They cost £13 in the U.K (from with free delivery. They’re about the same in $ on too.

The frequency range is 20-20kHz which I’ve been told is very good. They just sound amazing though, there’s so much depth and the fitting is so perfect that you can hear very little of the outside world. Therefore you don’t really need to play your music that loud and you don’t annoy people on the train.

5541897xLike all earphones, they do eventually break, but I challenge you to find a pair that won’t. These seem to average around 3 months a pair but they’ll last way longer if you treat them right. It’s always where the wire meets the plug that gets a loose connection so don’t put this joint under too much stress. I’ve coated this in super glue this time and they’re doing well.

I recommended these to a friend the other day and he was as impressed as I was so I thought this blog-worthy. I don’t work for Skullcandy or anything, honest.

High Above The Storm

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High Above The Storm are a London based band formed in 2004. It revolves around the two core members Jason Emberton and Louis Warner who then incorporate their musician friends into their tracks such as Crawford Blair, a bassist.

They have a solid, rock sound with enough synth and effects to keep their tracks interesting. A few sample tracks are available for download here. (clicking starts a .zip file download)

Their first album will be self titled and is due to be released on 29/08/09.

Disconnect 4

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Disconnect4_web_photoGalway-based four piece band Disconnect 4 will be releasing their first EP ‘Modern Love’ this June. They’ve built a solid reputation as one of the brightest upcoming bands in Ireland.

They are also playing an accompanying tour in Ireland and London. They gigged heavily in 2008/09 and know how to put on a good live show. Described by Hotpress as “A Foal-esque indie band who combine strong vocals and catchy riffs”, their synth based indie-pop tunes are regularly played on major UK and Ireland radio stations and were named by CMU as Band of the Month in November.

Eighteen – Disconnect 4

Apples and Engines EP – Roses Kings Castles

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Roses Kings Castles new EP ‘Apple and Engines’ was released on 10/08/09. Adam Ficek is the man behind this act, he is also the drummer for Babyshambles but Roses Kings Castles is a way for him to experiment with his own ideas and material. A selftitled album was also released in September ’08.

Where’s Your Life Gone – Roses Kings Castles

Apples and Engines was released on 7″ vinyl and CD. It’s four tracks long, ‘Some Things are Better Left Unsaid’, ‘Where’s Your Life Gone’, ‘You Alone A Mess’ and Tozek remix of ‘Empty Shells’. It has a distinctly London feel to it and is definitely worth getting.

Hit up this.