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The developers, tried to make the “most expressive” instrument and they may well have succeeded. Created by Eigenlabs, this is quite possibly the future of electronic instruments. The Eighenharp is to come in two varieties, the Alpha and a miniature version called the Pico. Bear in mind that this isn’t a true instrument in the sense that a clarinet or a guitar are but rather an elaborate input device to an infinite range of VST instruments. You’ll need an amplifier to get a sound.


The instrument is based around a variety of types of sensors. The main neck of the Alpha features 120 individual keys sensitive to the width of a bacteria. These can then be moved once pressed to offer a pitch change and filter. There are two sensitive strips along the sides of the instrument for slides as well as 12 keys intended primarily for percussion to be played in a slap base style with the right hand. There is also a breath pipe which can be used to add more expression.

The Pico is a far simpler affair resembling a melodica with only 18 playing keys, one strip and the breath pipe. However, it is under a tenth of the price of the Alpha at £345 and I think it’ll become the most popular for this reason alone. The Alpha is going to set you back £3,950.

Eight years in development, the Eigenharp is about to come to fruition. Eigenlabs are currently taking orders and dispatches start on the 9th of November.

I can see this replacing the keyboard in live music.
What do you think?

Richard Hawley – Truelove’s Gutter

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Richard Hawley’s sixth studio album ‘Truelove’s Gutter’ was released on the 21st of September. The ex-Pulp guitarist has said that the album was inspired by particularly dark periods of his life and this does show; but Truelove’s Gutter still retains an ethereal aura with some congruous chord progressions, unusual instrumentation and simply sublime vocals. The album is only an eight track affair but it’s by no means short and sharp, it’s a winding melancholic voyage to other side of dawn.

For Your Lover Give Some Time – Richard Hawley

Tommy Reilly – Words On The Floor

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In just a few short months 19 year old Tommy Reilly from Torrance near Glasgow has sold out two Scottish headline tours, played Glastonbury and T in the Park and has his debut single Gimmie A Call (which is on the album) in the top 20 of the national singles chart. The albums story is fairly downbeat, his lyrics reflect; rejection by girls, and being let down – which he happily admits is a greater inspiration than striking lucky. It’s that unquestionable optimism perhaps that makes Tommy such an instinctive writer of pop songs.

Tracks such as Grab Me By The Collar, Kick The Covers and Jackets are all stand outs on the album. Like I mentioned before the lyrics are depressing but the tunes always upbeat. There’s no doubt that Tommy Reilly is the hottest new breakthrough artist to come out of Scotland for years.

Out Now.

By Sophie Stratford


Sigur Rós Music Videos

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This is just a post of all the Sigur Rós videos so that they can all be in one place. They’ve consistently made utterly inspiring videos and everyone has just got to see these.

Glósóli, Hoppípolla and Sæglópur are from their 2005 album ‘Takk’.
Untitled #1 (Vaka) is from ‘( )’ released 2002.
Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása and Svefn-G-Englar are from the 1999 album ‘Ágætis Byrjun’.
Gobbledigook is from the 2008 album ‘Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust’.

Which one was your favourite?

Reachback Need You.

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This will probably only affect those from London/Essex. I featured Reachback in this blog a while ago and now, they have a chance to win a record deal. They’ve just made it through to the semi-final of a Battle of the Bands.

Faking Will Get You Nowhere – Reachback


Taken from the Facebook event:

“I know this is kind of late notice but Reachback has made it through the heats and quarter-finals of the Dagenham battle of the bands sponsered by ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINKS!

Tomorrow (wed 30th) is the semi-final and we really need your support and vote as we really want to win the record deal for first prize!

The event starts at 7 but the line up is pulled out of the hat so we don’t know when will be on so get there for 7 and come say hi to us (:

It would mean soo much to us if you could come, every vote counts!

The address is

Flex Night Club
Dagenham Leisure Park,
Cooks Road

There is no postcode but for TOMTOM users just put in Cooks Road, Dagenham and it will get you there!!