Autumn Gray – The Diary of a Falling Man

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Autumn Gray

Autumn Gray formed in 2005 and released an E.P ‘As of Now, No Guarantees for Later’ shortly after. Based in Melbourne, they’ve been gigging in the surrounding area ever since.

The band are getting ready to release their debut album ‘The Diary of a Falling Man’ and are giving away three free tracks from it via their website if you promise to share them around to everyone else.

They’ve been working on ‘The Diary of a Falling Man’ for two years now and have kept the recording process truly independent with no budget, building the recording studio in a ramshackle sharehouse and commandeering a Steinway piano for a guerilla recording session.

Diary of a Falling Man Pt 1 – Autumn Gray

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Great write up. Loving the introduction to new music. Heard some good new Aussie stuff recently. A band called Circle who are a new Sydney band. Great stuff.

Thanks for the review! Brilliant. Autumn Gray’s sound perfectly fits this time of year. Please, check out my blog on current updates on Liverpool’s music scene. You’ll also find you blog in my ‘Links’ list.

Cheers, Miriam