Scrambler Seequill

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Scrambler Seequill

Scrambler Seequill is the collaborative music and production project by Michael Gamble (Scrambler) and Devin Febbroriello (Seequill). Coming from such different backgrounds as conservatory trained musician and d.i.y. art activist, Scrambler and Seequill have found a meeting place to channel their visions and voices dualistically. Drawing from various inspirations, and experiences a certain sound and message is earnestly delivered.

Scrambler Seequill’s psychedelic prog rock, is punctuated by complex arrangements yet catchy art pop hooks. A swirling cascade of opposites comprise their poetically charming sound. Songs written under covers, at night and at dawn over coffee, during good years and bad years, about something, for no one and anyone who wonders why.

<a href="">Hear the Sound by Scrambler Seequill</a>

You can download four of Scrambler Seequills songs for free upon visiting their bandcamp site including ‘One Design’ as featured in the video below.

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