Mars Argo – Technology is a Dead Bird

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Mars ArgoI’d been frequenting their muxtape page almost daily for my fix but it’s finally here, Mars Argo’s debut album. Officially released on November 6th, ‘Technology is a Dead Bird’ is being sold online in the same way as Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’. The listener is given the opportunity to pay whatever amount they deem fit whether this be $10 or $100.

A ten track masterpiece, Technology is a Dead Bird is an album in its finest form. Two of these tracks could be considered interludes but they really make the album a fluid listening experience.

Technology is a Dead Bird is a subtly haunting work. The unnerving ‘Fitter Happier’ style monologues add to the overall feeling of this album; a somewhat apocalyptic undertone of the quietus of the human mind.

“My life is an integrated circuit, I’m inside of my human body but I don’t feel it yet. We all thought 2012 would be so much more dramatic, something religious or sacred. Things were more laughable back then, back when I was a text message. We’re going to be plugging in our brains soon, and nothing will stop the human race from racing. We’ll all be inside containers chasing, anything they put in front of us with a pretty logo on it. It’s the internet, it exists and people are not going insane.” The Singularity is Near

<a href="">The Singularity is Near by Mars Argo</a>

Have a listen for yourself though, Technology is a Dead Bird is available to download in a range of formats including mp3 and flac from Mars Argo’s bandcamp site. You can name your own price though (minimum $10)

1. The Singularity is Near
2. Suicide Birds
3. Mrs. Stadler
4. Machine
5. Monsters Under My Bed
6. Technology is a Dead Bird
7. Sideways and Sideways
8. You Don’t Know Me Anymore
9. Feeling Welcome in a Time Warp
10. Tired Today

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You can also get it on itunes, if you’re worried about a credit card, just buy an itunes prepaid card.

I absolutly love these songs (:

i love them.

Absolutely out of this world, this album. Such a pity I can’t buy it though, I don’t have a creditcard or something 🙁

I know exactly what you mean– I don’t have a credit card either.

I used to go to high school with Corey Mixter and he has really changed.

He seems like a totally different person, i know

You went to school with “Titanic Sinclair”?

His real name is Corey Mixter. I’m a year younger, and went to the same schools with him, K-12. He and his friends have a handful of videos on, which are actually really good. They’re a few years old, from before he named himself after a sunken ship in an attempt to gain some hipster cred.

This is an amazing album. After months of waiting and also frequently checking their muxtape for a fix, I am not disappointed with this album. It speaks volumes of humankind, our planet and technology. I’ve been going through the tracks trying to record the lyrics because there are none online; but some of it is hard to pick out! Anyways, great album, well worth more than the $10 minimum!

Ahh that sounds awesome.
If you like, I could put the lyrics up on this website in a different section of wordpress pages.
email me on indiemusicfinds(at) if you’d like to submit them? Thanks.

I love it, it’s is something special and different. Lifechanging record.
I;m gonna buy it this week and I can’t wait.

This album is so incredible.
I’ve been waiting for this for ages and it’s everything I had hoped (and more).

hay where can i fond the lyric form you don’t know me anymore because is one o f my favorite songs but i don’t understeand very well the biegin i hope that you can help me =)


Did you get the album for free? It says the minimum it will let me give is $10.00 USD…not that this album isn’t worth it!

Sorry, my mistake. I just saw that it let you decide your own price so I thought it’d be just like ‘In Rainbows’. I paid 12 for it though because they deserve it so I didn’t get to check it was free. Anyway, I’ve edited that now so now we can practice our doublethink (: