Reachback Need You.

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This will probably only affect those from London/Essex. I featured Reachback in this blog a while ago and now, they have a chance to win a record deal. They’ve just made it through to the semi-final of a Battle of the Bands.

Faking Will Get You Nowhere – Reachback


Taken from the Facebook event:

“I know this is kind of late notice but Reachback has made it through the heats and quarter-finals of the Dagenham battle of the bands sponsered by ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINKS!

Tomorrow (wed 30th) is the semi-final and we really need your support and vote as we really want to win the record deal for first prize!

The event starts at 7 but the line up is pulled out of the hat so we don’t know when will be on so get there for 7 and come say hi to us (:

It would mean soo much to us if you could come, every vote counts!

The address is

Flex Night Club
Dagenham Leisure Park,
Cooks Road

There is no postcode but for TOMTOM users just put in Cooks Road, Dagenham and it will get you there!!



Deadmau5 – For Lack Of A Better Name

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deadmau5Deadmau5, his name may conjure up images of a lifeless rodent, but this Canadian born self confessed techno geek punches like a Heavyweight. Having had a meteoric rise, he has gone from near obscurity to becoming one of the most in demand producers on the face of the planet and an innovative electronic live performer.

He performs using music production software, Ableton, and controls this with a Lemur. No not the animal but a futuristic music controller. And of course, not forgetting the giant tailor made Mau5head.

Deadmau5’s has a new compilation album, For Lack Of A Better Name, this isn’t his Artist album, this is more a collection of random works that he’s produced individually. A few have been out previously, but there are some new surprises in there as well. The tracks are segued together, so in a way reflect his current live show. 2009 sees Deadmau5 continuing to break boundaries in the music world. The concept of his live show reflects the changing face of dance music.

Released 5th October 2009.

By Sophie Stratford

New Logo

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Big thanks to Dave Mahler of Savage Sparrow for making the new logo of Indie Music Finds. He also made this video. Talented guy. He’s thinking about launching a website at the moment so I’ll be sure to post it up here if he ever does.

Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses / The Hollow Earth

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Thom Yorke’s new double A-side single was released today. ‘Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses’ has been knocking about since the ‘Amnesiac’ era whereas Yorke says that ‘The Hollow Earth’ was “a bass menace that was born out of ‘The Eraser’ period but needed a little more time.”

The single definitely sounds distinctly Yorke. Chaotic and dark, yet strangely danceable. It looks like it’s only going to be released as a 12 inch vinyl and as a digital download which w.a.s.t.e will no doubt make openly available soon enough anyway. In the meantime, here’s the ‘Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses’ at 320kbps (click link for higher quality) and the music video for ‘The Hollow Earth’.

Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses – Thom Yorke

Laurel Halo

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Laurel Halo is a solo artist of Brooklyn. She composes and performs with a style I have yet to hear before. Laurel Halo’s sound has been fascinating me as of late. A blend of ambient trance, harmonic vocals and new age psychedelia, it’s eclectic, electric aura transcends higher dimensions. Below is Cult of Optimism, a track from the Ambrosia EP.

Cult of Optimism – Laurel Halo

Two EPs have so far been released, ‘The Future Fruit’ and ‘Ambrosia’ which can be heard on I’ll be sure to feature any future Laurel Halo releases on this blog as they inevitably happen.

laurel halo