The Bothersome Man

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The Bothersome Man is an unusual Norwegian film released in 2006. It was the debut of director Jens Lien and shows an interesting view of life in a soulless city. It is of course in Norwegian but I don’t really mind subtitles. I saw it around a year ago late at night on BBC1 and I don’t think I ever would have come across it other wise. I’m very glad that I did though so I wanted to make sure other people could find out about it.

The film’s protagonist Andreas finds himself in a city with little idea of how he got there. He has is given all the things he needs, an apartment, a job and a girlfriend, yet something is missing and nobody else seems to notice it. The film follows him in his attempt to escape the sterile city and this materialistic life style. Much of The Bothersome Man is metaphoric so I suppose it can be interpreted as you will. Personally it reminds me a lot of the Radiohead track Fitter Happier.

Fitter Happier – Radiohead


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I thought the film was far out there. After a few minutes when the film was finished, I began to think “Wow, that was messed in the head.” I really want to live in the world he found by smell in the bottom of that building. Does anyone think that there was a death/ purgatory overtone to the film?

There’s definitely something quite dimensionless about it. I think it was more about the lifestyle though.

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