Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales

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Thirteen Fairy Negro TalesThis is a poem from one of my favourite books Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales by Inua Ellams. The poem is the opening to the book which contains thirteen poems in total as the title would suggest. I’ll post some more from this book at a later date so keep an eye out. 

You can buy the book from Amazon for £4 here.

This is Inua reading the opening poem. Yes, the backing is the Pyramid Song (:

Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales – Inua Ellams


I spun 13 fairy Negro tales that night.
Weighed them on illogic scales
that tipped the balance
and formed an alliance
with my version of the truth,
I uprooted reality and substituted it
for another that had more humanity;
thinking that if I thought hard enough
I’d make it real.
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The Scholars

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The Scholars

The Scholars are a 5 piece indie rock band from the Midlands, U.K. They’re quite upbeat yet still sound very tight and  they’re still not very widely known considering how well recorded they’re main track ‘This Heart’s Built To Break’ is. The Scholars have received some air time on BBC6 Radio and various local BBC stations around the Midlands. They’re playing a few gigs in June/July so look them up on their MySpace if you like their sound.

This Heart’s Built To Break – The Scholars

Some Fit MP3s

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Here’s a selection of my favourite tracks at the moment, I’ll try and make this a monthly sort of thing.

Shook (Emancipator Mash Up) – Sigur Rós Vs. Mobb Deep

Hip Hop Violin – Paul Dateh and Inka One

Faking Will Get You Nowhere – Reachback

Very Busy People – The Limousines

Sticks And Stones – Jamie T

Throwboy Pillows

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Throwboy is a brand of pillow that cater to the geek in you. The pillows are handmade by Roberto and are largely styled upon tech symbolism. Throwboy pillows are made from 100% fleece and filled with polyester fibers and are $29 each.

The original range was a series of Mac OS X icons including Finder, Dashboard, iTunes, iPhoto, iChat and Photo Booth.
A new range of chat pillows go on sale in June featuring some of  your favourite phrases such as ‘brb’, ‘omg’ and ‘wtf’.
Also in the works is a series of RSS icons in a variety of colours to be available in June too.
Look up the Throwboy site where you can buy into this amazing idea with your very own Throwboy pillow.

Jamie T – Sticks and Stones EP

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Jamie TJamie T is an English spoken word/bass/acoustic act who released his first album ‘Panic Prevention’ in 2007. It reached #4 in the U.K charts and it’s a great record which I recommend getting someway or another. Jamie T is also playing Reading Festival this year but I didn’t manage to get tickets. (anyone want to give me some?) He’s due to release a follow up EP on the 29th June called ‘Sticks and Stones’.

I’ve managed to procure a rough version of the title track, enjoy (:

Sticks n Stones – Jamie T