Skream – Dubstep

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SkreamDubstep is an electronic genre with roots in garage. It emerged in the early 2000’s but is still considered to be an “underground” genre. Dubstep is defined by its syncopated sparse rhythms, deep rolling bass lines and dark sound. Those who don’t get dubstep will probably just write it off as boring but in my opinion, it’s one of the most interesting genres.

Skream, is widely regarded as the most prominent dubstep producer. He released a full album ‘Skream!’ in 2006 and has brought out a bundle of tracks on singles, EP’s and on dubstep compilation albums. Skream! is a great album and the songs varying greatly whilst still keeping the same dubstep feel. 

There are also many dubstep podcasts available through itunes for free. Dub War NYC has so far produced 7 podcasts, each around an hour long. is also a site with loads of free dubstep material.

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I saw them on a small festival and it was awesome. Not too much into dub myself but it was actually quite cool 🙂

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I love that song, thanks for this post.